Daily Archives: January 20, 2008

Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)


Hulk and Spiderman paired up again.  You’d think that these two were friends or something!  But they never actually got together in the comics and fought crime.  They’ve been guest-stars in each other’s comics and even helped the Wood-God escape together – but they’ve never displayed what I would call friendship.  In fact, I bet Spiderman, when he’s in the hallways with his “cool ” friends doesn’t even talk to Hulk when he says Hi.  I guess he’s just too cool!  What-ever Spiderman.  You are so not cooler than me! – I mean Hulk! 

Metal Belt Buckle (1978)


Isn’t this a piece of stylish fashion from yesteryear!  I would wear this with pride!  This, to me would be like wearing those huge belt buckles that bull-riders get.  Except, instead of winning it for riding a ferocious bull, I would be wearing it because I love a green man.  Which sounds a lot gayer than it really is.