Daily Archives: January 22, 2008

The Incredible Hulk #372 & 376


There was no better time for a Hulk fan than the early 90’s.  Peter David was just hitting a creative stride, Hulk was selling better than ever, and Dale Keown had never made the Hulk look better.  I prefer the illustrations of this time period – (recent drawings seem to highlight a bunch of veins branching out every where) these seem almost simplistic now.  #372 is the comic where the Green Hulk literally comes ripping out of Bruce Banner’s skin!  Might I be so bold to say – best reappearance of a character ever!  You knew the Hulk wasn’t going to stay Grey forever – but to have the Green Hulk come back so violently was just so poetic!  These 2 covers are some of my favorites of the Keown Hulk era.  The all too short Keown Hulk era.