The Incredible Hulk #372 & 376


There was no better time for a Hulk fan than the early 90’s.  Peter David was just hitting a creative stride, Hulk was selling better than ever, and Dale Keown had never made the Hulk look better.  I prefer the illustrations of this time period – (recent drawings seem to highlight a bunch of veins branching out every where) these seem almost simplistic now.  #372 is the comic where the Green Hulk literally comes ripping out of Bruce Banner’s skin!  Might I be so bold to say – best reappearance of a character ever!  You knew the Hulk wasn’t going to stay Grey forever – but to have the Green Hulk come back so violently was just so poetic!  These 2 covers are some of my favorites of the Keown Hulk era.  The all too short Keown Hulk era.

One response to “The Incredible Hulk #372 & 376

  1. yeah man, totally agree with you. i was 16 when i got issue 372, and when i saw hulk burst out of banners back, i could not belive how cool it looked. reminded me of old werewolf movies kinda. the full page of hulk standing there, blood and skin all around hilm screaminf MINE! was just awesome!

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