Master Replicas Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)


Every time I opened a new part to this statue I just kept saying “Wow!” or “Holy crap!”  This enormous statue is a little bigger than the Bowen Green Hulk and re-creates the cover to The Incredible Hulk #1.  Even the backing of this statue is jaw dropping.


Let’s start with the fact that you receive 2 statues with this piece – A Hulk, of course, but also a Bruce Banner.  Such detail went into this piece that they even made a wristwatch on the arm of Bruce Banner, underneath his lab-coat, you can’t even see it when you look at it dead on!  But it’s there!


The size of this piece is awe inspiring.  The Hulk, very Frankenstein-ish, looks just as he did when he first appeared, right down to his dead yellow eyes.  I can’t say enough great things about this piece – and in a year that has had some great Hulk statues – that is saying a whole lot!  It is limited to 2500 and this one is #423.


I bought this statue off ebay and got a really good price for it.  If you pick up one Hulk piece – then you’re crazy.  You need this statue, but then again, you need them all!




This statue comes in 4 pieces – packed away so nicely, it’s almost a shame to rip them out of the Styrofoam.


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15 thoughts on “Master Replicas Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)

  1. Do I detect a five o’clock shadow on the chin of Bruce Banner in picture #3? They spent a long time designing this one. Very nice.

  2. It’s based on the art from Hulk #1 – which the story was based in Frankenstien – so they made him look a little monster-ish.
    Like an homage – but perfectly in the spirit of the Hulk

  3. Just curious what you paid for this piece. I’m asking my wife to get it for me for my Bday and on ebay they are going for as much as $300.

  4. REALLY? $300.00 seems high… I’ve seen others going for about $100.00 – be patient and wait for a better deal.

  5. THe only thing they messed up on is Hulk’s clothes which was a Ripped Orange Shirt and Blue Jeans

  6. No – this is an EXACT replication of Incredible Hulk #1 – and on the cover the Hulk was all in grey.
    This statue couldn’t be better!

    1. Hello Ratchet

      What is the exact size of the Master Replica Hulk . I just ordered one from Amazon great price . Please inform

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