Daily Archives: February 1, 2008

TV Guide (2003)


This is one of those “moving covers”.  These collectible covers are great.  Really, they remind me of fifth grade when scratch -n- sniff stickers were all the rage.  I liked strawberry.  And banana smelled nothing like banana.

Another Chance!!!!


This is getting down-right silly!  You never see these for sale – and now this is the third for sale in, like, 3 months!  I hope true Hulk collectors are taking advantage of these!  This is being sold by the Stretch King himself – for a third party – but it does come with the rare original box.  Make an offer!  My offer was rejected.  I offered love and a necklace of human teeth.  Can you believe they rejected that?

Whatever!  Guess they’re better than me!  Click on the image for the link.

UPDATE: No takers on this one and was re-listed… the saga continues…

Hulk vs. Thing Bookends (1994)


I have been seeking these out since I saw them.  They don’t come up too often on ebay, but if you are patient then you will see a pair pop up.  Early, early Bown sculptures.  I hate to say it – but the Thing came out amazing!  Cooler than the Hulk.  These are #1017 – with a production run of about 4000.  No one’s sure exactly because the edition size was open to how many was ordered.


The art is based on Gary Frank’s art and these bookends were produced by Creative License.  This is the year I graduated High School.  I should’ve picked them up then.  The best thing about these 2 is that the feet look like they are digging into the base.  Man, I’m so happy I finally got these!