Hulk vs. Thing Bookends (1994)


I have been seeking these out since I saw them.  They don’t come up too often on ebay, but if you are patient then you will see a pair pop up.  Early, early Bown sculptures.  I hate to say it – but the Thing came out amazing!  Cooler than the Hulk.  These are #1017 – with a production run of about 4000.  No one’s sure exactly because the edition size was open to how many was ordered.


The art is based on Gary Frank’s art and these bookends were produced by Creative License.  This is the year I graduated High School.  I should’ve picked them up then.  The best thing about these 2 is that the feet look like they are digging into the base.  Man, I’m so happy I finally got these!




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7 thoughts on “Hulk vs. Thing Bookends (1994)

  1. I found this site trying to find out what my Hulk vs. The Thing bookends are worth. my set is numbered 2353. Thanks TJ

  2. I have the Hulk one and i would love to know how much it is worth so i can sell it to someone who is a huge fan. I know it is made by Randy Bowen, whom ive read about and he is said to be the best sculptor artist. I have the #1219 if that makes a difference.

  3. So, you have the Hulk without the Thing? So your set is incomplete – which isn’t a good thing – I can’t say for sure but I know personally, I wouldn’t pay more than $40-$50 for only half a set…

    It is a Bowen – but early Bowen – and the name means something only to people who collect products by him – but these aren’t a rare item that would fetch top dollar – sorry.

    1. what are they made of?….resin or plaster…..i have thats et as well as the spidey vs venom….spidey venom is number 52….WOW!!!!

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