Wizard #37 (1994)


I was in Taunton the other day and in a small thrift shop – what did I discover?  Wizard #37 from August 1994.  This was just about the time that Gray Frank was leaving the Hulk and Peter David did an article seeking some respect.  Some deserved respect.  Bobbie Chase said she truly believes that Peter David had the Hulk book planned out for at least the next five years.  Course we wouldn’t find out because he only lasted another.  I like the cover illustration but I never thought Hulk should have a gun.  There’s just no need for it. 

The most interesting part of this old Wizard was taking a look back at the price guide.  This was before CGC Grading even existed.  A mint copy of Hulk #1 then: $6,200.00, and now: $21,500.00.  What a difference 14 years make huh?  How about#181?  Then: $325.00, Now: $1,400.00 (but I’ve heard that they can go for up to $3,000.00)  Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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