Hulk Seasons 3 & 4 – Out June 3rd!!!

Seasons 3 & 4 are coming to DVD on June 3rd!  Check out the announcement by clicking on the image above.  This will coincide with the release of the Hulk movie coming out the 13th.  This is pretty great news… because it took almost 4 years to get the 9th season of Cheers to comeContinue reading “Hulk Seasons 3 & 4 – Out June 3rd!!!”

Scholastic Book (2007)

As I finished my show on Monday I saw that the school was having a book fair.  I looked around until I came across this sweet magazine.  I haven’t fully read it yet – but it has an original story with the Hulk fighting and beating the Abomination – and then Abomination going and askingContinue reading “Scholastic Book (2007)”