Grey Hulk Lead Figure (2007)

grey lead fig

I showed you the green figure – now here is the grey.  These little guys are great, but I’m not so sure I would want to collect all of these.  Some people strictly collect these figures.  That’s a whole lot of lead paint in your house!  They haven’t made any of the Hulk’s rouge’s – but I will wait to see.  These little guys sell pretty well here (they come from over-seas) but I don’t know if they sell well enough for this series to keep going… 

By the way, sorry for the crappy pic…

2 responses to “Grey Hulk Lead Figure (2007)

  1. This line is just too rare that I even didn’t notice it ’till today. If I have money and if it’s easy to see it maybe I would like to collect all of them.:P

  2. It’s a pretty cool looking line – the amount of figures they have is outstanding! I only pick up the Hulk related figures – but the entire line is absolutley sweet!

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