World War Hulk Bust (2008)


There are two busts out currently based on the World War Hulk storyline.  Each was made by Diamond Select – one was supposed to be limited to 1000 – it is now limited to 800.  The one in the pictures was supposed to be the variant limited to only 200 – but instead it’s limited to 500.  This is #29. 



I received this bust right after I got the Bowen Busts – and this is significantly smaller – and thus, a bit of a let down, when it appeared at my door.  I still like the sculpt – and the fact that they made busts based on this storyline – but this bust is proof that Bowen is the leader in his field and that no one else even comes close to Bowen perfection in statues and busts. 


Published by ratchet

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One thought on “World War Hulk Bust (2008)

  1. I like it But you know they gotta make him more muscular and bigger and a arker Shade Of green! i want to see the othe do you have a link?

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