Daily Archives: February 7, 2008

Do we really need another…?


There are a some things I’m really excited about with the new Hulk movie coming out – this isn’t one of them.  Another Hulk Bobble-Head?  Seriously?  If you’re into this kind of thing you can find out more about it by clicking on the image.  It comes out in May.

You can buy a car… or this!


It’s like an epidemic!  But just watch – by the time I can afford one they will all be gone.  tucked away in private collections.  Who comes up with the prices on these things anyways?  $6,000.00 can buy alot of hot-dogs.  Or peanutbutter.  You could either remodel your kitchen or buy this stretch figure.

The more I see them, selling for outrageous prices like these, the more I think that no one should buy them.  People buy them for these prices and it will only get worse.  But if you can afford it – then I guess you should go for it.

No one has bought the other one yet… but as always, I will keep you posted.

UPDATE: So, this auction ended before it even started.  No one bid – no one won it.  The seller, for some reason ended the auction early.  Maybe his conscience got to him.

Nice Haul from Chris’ Comics – 2/5/2008


I was looking through the back issue bin and saw a few issues I needed.  Then, as I was purchasing my loot, the owner tells me about a higher, hidden bin.  A bin of comics that he doesn’t just let anyone go through.  A bin of older, good condition comics – a ton of great comics that I need, like the 120’s.  I will be going back next week and report to you…

What I got yesterday was:
# 186
# 206
# 213
# 221
# 301
# 303
# 305
& # 309

Pretty good haul – but nothing to what I will get next week!

Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)


One of the most famous Hulk issues – with one of the most famous Marvel characters of all time!  That’s right, if you weren’t aware, Wolverine first appeared here – in Incredible Hulk #181.  Actually, he appeared in the last panel in #180, but in this issue is the first time that you see Wolverine in action.  Plus here’s right there on the cover – in full color – slashing at the Hulk!  A lot of things are introduced here including Wolverine’s healing factor, his adamantium claws and his beserker fighting style.  Although this fight ends abruptly, never showing who would be the clear winner (just kidding, we all know it would be the Hulk) we see, in Wolverine, a great, fun character that we want to see more and more!

The cover art by Herb Trimpe is based on John Romita Sr.’s sketches of what Wolverine would look like.  But if you ask – all three, Len Wein (the writer), Trimpe and Romita get credit for creating what Wolverine looks like.

This wonderful addition to my Hulk library was a house-warming gift by a great friend of mine.  Thank you Corry. 

By the way, before I actually opened this – before Corry gave it to me – I never even held a #181 in my hands.  I vowed that I wouldn’t hold one until I owned one.