Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)


One of the most famous Hulk issues – with one of the most famous Marvel characters of all time!  That’s right, if you weren’t aware, Wolverine first appeared here – in Incredible Hulk #181.  Actually, he appeared in the last panel in #180, but in this issue is the first time that you see Wolverine in action.  Plus here’s right there on the cover – in full color – slashing at the Hulk!  A lot of things are introduced here including Wolverine’s healing factor, his adamantium claws and his beserker fighting style.  Although this fight ends abruptly, never showing who would be the clear winner (just kidding, we all know it would be the Hulk) we see, in Wolverine, a great, fun character that we want to see more and more!

The cover art by Herb Trimpe is based on John Romita Sr.’s sketches of what Wolverine would look like.  But if you ask – all three, Len Wein (the writer), Trimpe and Romita get credit for creating what Wolverine looks like.

This wonderful addition to my Hulk library was a house-warming gift by a great friend of mine.  Thank you Corry. 

By the way, before I actually opened this – before Corry gave it to me – I never even held a #181 in my hands.  I vowed that I wouldn’t hold one until I owned one.

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2 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)

  1. Yes I own a fine/very fine copy of this book also and it looks beautiful hanging on my wall between 180 & 182 also in very fine condition.

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