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Kind of Disturbing…

This is an article featuring the sad, sad story of Herb Trimpe’s firing from Marvel and what went on after…

Click here for the article.  Click the image above for Trimpe’s webpage.

Abomination Bust (2003)


This controversial bust is a very unique vision of the Hulk’s 2nd best enemy -The Abomination.  The Abomination never really looked like this in the comics, and he seems to be scared of something.  Dynamic Forces produced 350 pieces (what was originally supposed to be 750) but maybe it just wasn’t popular enough. 


This one is #31.  I really like this version of the Abomination – and it doesn’t hurt that I got it for an amazingly reduced price from the original retail price of $150.00.  Let’s say – I didn’t pay anything near that.