Daily Archives: February 9, 2008

Movie Figures!

There are pictures of the new movie figures due out sometime before the movie opens on June 13th .  The Hulk looks like the Hulk!  The Abomin..a…tion… ummm… is that the Abomination?  He looks… nothing like the Abomination.  Click on the image for the link to the sneak peeks!

Cardboard Cut-Out Hulk (1995)


Storytime!  I once had a girlfriend who wanted, so badly, to get me something Hulk that I do not have.  She wanted to get me something that I would love more than anything in the whole world.  She got me this.  When I opened it I smiled and said “Thanks” because, to tell you the truth, I knew about these – but didn’t want it – simply put, I find these things a huge waste of space and money.  But hey!  As a gift – that’s fine.  My girlfriend wasn’t so happy that I wasn’t the happiest I’d ever been in my whole life.  She subsequently vowed that she’d never buy me another Hulk item as long as she lives.  I told her she was right and I broke up with her.  Not really for this – but hey – it makes the story wrap up nicely!