Daily Archives: February 12, 2008

Hulk Plastic Figure (1966)


This rare, very old piece is a plastic model that you snap and glue together.  It’s from 1966 – 4 years after the Hulk debuted – and 10 years before I was born.  Made by Aurora Plastics Corp. it depicts the Hulk running around the desert.  I love this piece.  It’s so old and great.



What!?! BULL! Iron Man #133


I found this in a small thrift shop in New Bedford – and it’s not a Hulk comic – it’s an Iron Man and the cover says “Iron Man has finally beaten the Hulk…” and then it goes on – but I stopped reading there.  I bought the comic, and drew my own ending – so that when I do read it, if I don’t like the ending of this one, I will pull out my version and start reading. 

* – If you are curious, my version ends with the Hulk writing the word “Balls” on Iron Man’s helmet, who has blacked out once again from getting seduced by Zima.  Yes, the drink. 

Incredible Hulk #104/#155/#158


My favorite part of these back issues has to be the art.  There seemed to be so much more character in the older comic books.  There are some great modern artists – but, for my money, give me the classic artists anytime!  This is another small lot I picked up off ebay – and I know I said that I wasn’t going to keep buying them off ebay until absolutely necessary – but as usual I’m a filthy, filthy liar.

Here we go again…

I’m beginning to feel as though the “Stretch Hulk” isn’t as hard to come by as some people would like you to think… because since I have started this blog – in September! – I have seen at least 4 of these go up for sale.  If it is that rare then this must be some kind of phenomenon.  This auction has a Buy It Now for $4,800.00.  I very muted starting price of $699.99.  I will keep you updated – but the other Stretch Hulk that I reported on still hasn’t sold.  Maybe I’m a little jaded on this piece because I was led to believe that these are impossible to come by – but as this blog shows – I don’t really think that that is the case.

UPDATE: The bidding went up to $2,001.00 but did not reach the reserve price so it did not sell.  Yes, you are reading this right – it didn’t sell for $2000!  What a crazy world.

UPDATE: THE SEQUEL: So, this little guy is now up for auction again.  Only this time the BIN is reduced to $3500.00.  Gee, what a steal!  Click the image for the link.

UPDATE: HI-YA!: It did not reach the reserve price yet again – but only one bidder even tried for it at $699.00 – looks like people may be listening to me after all!