Hulk #2 (2008)


SPOILERS!:  To make up for the Red Hulk not showing up in the last comic he appears through out this one starting with the second page.  We begin with Stark and Hill discussing the weapon that was stolen from S.H.E.I.L.D. and used to kill the Abomination.  She-Hulk appears to make some snarky comments.  Then the Red Hulk breaks through the wall and takes She-Hulk – Iron Man jumps into action – and draws attention to the new color the Hulk is. 

They discover She Hulk unconscious and Stark gets a call from Clay Quartermain informing him that he needs to come see something for himself.  They learn that the Hulk has gotten into the helicarrier’s power system.  Iron Man finds Quatermain and General Ross, who had just been attacked by the Hulk, and tells him that he got Samson first. 

At this moment we get to see the Red Hulk for the first time in full view as he leaps out of the shadows and attacks Iron Man.  There is a quick fight that the Hulk isn’t even phased by.  Iron Man figures out that, even though the Hulk seems more animalistic, that he is a lot smarter than he appears to be.  As Iron Man goes out to try to save his helicarrier from crashing he is met with the Red Hulk – who has taken a fighter jet out of the sky and smashed Iron Man with it.  Iron Man calls for reinforcements.  As every shell head tries to stop the helicarrier from crashing She-Hulk comes to just in time to catch Iron Man from falling.  She also tells him that this Hulk smarter than they know – and that he spoke to her – telling her that he would kill her if he wanted to.  Even with their best efforts the helicarrier crashes and burns.

Then, we see Rick Jones, who has just been dropped off by a semi-truck.  A very large figure comes up behind him and says “I thougt you were dead”  It’s the Red Hulk.  He hits Rick Jones who turns into… wait for it… a NEW ABOMINATION!  Worst part is – he talks like the 70’s green Hulk and he calls himself A-BOMB.  Yikes.

Seriously?  Rick Jones is a new Abomination?  That’s kind of crappy.  And why is he stupid?  Remember – the Green Hulk was stupid because it was like Bruce Banner’s childhood psyche lashing out.  Is this Jones’ childhood psyche?  I really don’t get it.  The issue was okay.  The art wasn’t anything to crow about – and there was alot of action in this issue.  Heck, I will still hold off from saying “ugh” about the entire story line so far because I’d like to see where it’s going – but I have to say – so far?  Unimpressed. C+

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3 thoughts on “Hulk #2 (2008)

  1. Oh boy Bill – did you hear that? Iron Man is being put down! I don’t mind Iron Man and think he’s a good character – but man he’s really annoying right now!

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