Daily Archives: February 25, 2008

Hulk Movie Pics

movire hulk 

Get a gander at these… makes you wish June 13th was tomorrow, right?

movie hulk3

My Week (Last Week…)

strange and ufoes

I haven’t given an update as far as my quest has been going in a bit – and because I’ve been really busy I haven’t been able to tell you how my week went last week.  I’ve been so busy I’ve only been able to post maybe one thing a day! 

But last Tuesday I cleaned out the “Good Box” at Chris’ Comics in Marshfield.  I took every issue that they had in the hidden box that I needed.  Now all that’s left is the community box – but that’s getting pretty scarce too.  I picked up about 8 issues there.  I don’t remember which ones, sorry. 

Then, on Wednesday, as I was driving through Mansfield, MA I found a small comic shop in the basement of an auto parts store called “The Collector’s Guild & Comics”  where I picked up another 8 or 9 issues. 

But Friday, after the storm, as I was heading home from Townsend, MA I went to a great (but a bit pricey) comic shop called Larry’s World of Comics.  There I snatched up about 30 back issues that I needed.  Leaving the total number of issues I need being about 43!  Yes, that number is 43!  It’s getting really close!