Daily Archives: March 3, 2008

Ummm… Part 10

Some people have waaaaayyyyyy too much time on their hands…  and why is Hulk’s underwear around his ankles – but his pants are still up?

Marvel Chess Pieces (2005)


Hulk and the Abomination are rooks.  I have no idea what that means in chess but I have to imagine that rooks are the muscle.  But why is it that Abominaton  looks so much better than the Hulk?  These pieces are pretty cool – but I don’t play chess so… but I do like the pieces.  This series has Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom are the Kings and Storm and Mystique are the Queens.  This line is interesting because they sell them in solid boxes so you can’t see what you are buying.  Hulk and “A-Bomb” are the heaviest pieces so I was able to weed which boxes contains them.  I’m smart like that!