Joint Action Hulk (1978)


Alright, I have a lot of Hulk stuff… even I will admit – maybe too much – but this is the coolest thing ever!  This is the pose-able cardboard Hulk I wish I had as a kid!  Based on the classic Sal Buscema Hulk this perfectly designed toy – if you can call it a toy – has a thousand uses! 



Just see what I mean below as I had this Hulk demonstrate the “fun” children’s song – “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

headsh  oulder  kneesan  dtoes

BUT WAIT!!!!!!  This tale is not over just yet!  I bought this from ebay – and recieved the package today – and the best part – the person used 45 STAMPS TO SEND IT!  Just look!

stamps 45

 45 Stamps

How crazy is that?  AND… the person still had to pay $0.51 to finish paying for it!

9 responses to “Joint Action Hulk (1978)

  1. Ryan,
    The “knees and toes” thing is just way to disturbing. Please don’t ever post something like this again………

  2. Did you start dancing too? You danced with the Hulk didn’t you? It’s okay to admit! I did!

  3. Ive been after those stand up’s for a long time i remember seeing them when i was a kid. They are really hard to come by these day you are really lucky…

  4. Thanks! I was really excited to get it!

  5. FREAKIN’ SWEET…!!!!!

  6. the package picture is very funny…. Hulk looks like he didn’t enjoy being stuck in a plastic package. I probably would be frustrated also If I was the strongest 7ft green monster in the galaxy…. “Meh, puny plastic will never Hold Hulk!”

  7. This thing does rule. I believe John Romita, Sr. did the art. I wanted this thing so bad as a kid I could taste it. The little kid on “Kate & Allie” actually had this hanging up in his room. I used to watch the show just to see it…that is, until Ari Meyers started to grow up a little bit…or…out…whatever the case may be. For some reason, I think mine may have come with a million stamps on it, too. Maybe not…Hulk memory not good…

    • Is it Romita Sr art? Well, thanks fiddy – for admitting you watched Kate and Allie too! Totally going to use this against you somehow…

  8. i think is a Romita Sr desing

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