Daily Archives: March 9, 2008

3-Piece Meal Time Set (2008)


I had to buy this… it’s the firstthing I saw for the new movie!  Although it doesn’t say anything from the new movie – the images look like the promos we’ve been seeing.  It’s from the company ZAK! which I’ve never heard of or even seen anything from this company before.  The pieces are nice though…

the cup

The little plastic cup makes him look like a Hollister model!

the bowl

The bowl makes him look like John Cusack from “Say Anything…” but instead of holding up a stereo playing his favorite song – he’s holding up his own name.

hulk plate

And the plate is the coolest of them all!  I thought it would be a waste for this to just sit in the box so I gave it to my sister so that my nephew could have a meal or two with the greatest comic character of all time.  My sister promised to give it back someday though… we’ll see how the Hulk holds up to a toddler’s meal time abuse!