Daily Archives: March 12, 2008

I’m Officially Calling Foul!


That’s it!  I refuse to believe that these are that hard to come by!  If anything, this blog has proven that these toys are being sold like hotcakes! – actually not hot cakes cause no one is buying them…

I think one sold for $780 – and then some fool paid $5,000 for another – but every other one hasn’t sold!  They keep saying – acording to the Stretch King, Tony, there is only 9 in existence – well, I think someone needs to take another count!  The same 9 people keep trying to sell theirs?  Foul!  Foul I say!

UPDATE:  Finally this little guy DID sell – not for the crazy amount to which he was asking for – but a decent amount of cash – $2,700.00 to be exact!