Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

Incredible Hulk #4 (1963)


I have to say… I really hate this cover.  I think, out of the first 6 comics, this is the worst one.  I do, however, LOVE the story insdie more than any of the others.  Check out the FIRST 6 page to see some fun facts.  Mongu, the alien who challenges Hulk to a fight in this comic, turns out to be the Russians.  Just like in real life!  The Russians are to blame for everything!  This morning I spilled my Orange Juice all over the table and I yelled out “Damn Russians!” and everyone knew what I meant.

Yes, this means I have all 6 of the original comics.  I have yet to get the whole series – but these are so easy to find – it’s the random nothing issues that are going to give me the hardest time of all.  I have 8 left to go!