Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)


This is such a beautiful book – how could I not show it?  It also marks the true first appearence of Wolverine.  The very last panel has Wolvie jumping out to battle Wendigo and Hulk.  I now have the Wolverine Trilogy – which marks the other expensive books off my list to get…  Now the 8 issues left are random issues – but also #162 – which is Wendigo’s first appearence.  I will search for that one and post it as soon as I get it!

I also wanted to show you the entire trilogy as I have them.  It’s pretty amazing to see each of the comics as they came out, to look at each of the artists that graced the Hulk as the years went on.  If anyone ever wants to see a comic cover just let me know – I will post it right away!  I also have alot of the comics where Hulk made guest shots.  I’m hoping that when I finish this run I will maybe move onto getting the early FF issues that the Hulk appeared in – and of course Thor, Iron Man, and any other issues I see. 

Here is the entire trilogy…


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