Daily Archives: March 23, 2008

Hulk Magnets 2 (2007)


I really like the magnet that says “SMASH” at the top.  That one and the bottom one are pretty cool.  I found these in New Hampshire at Chris’ Comics the first trip there.  I almost forgot to post them.  Magnets aren’t the most memorable collectibles – but, ironically, they are the ones probably see the most.  Especially if you are a fatty – because you are constantly in the fridge – you know you are!  ADMIT IT!  YOU ARE A FATTY!  And you love my Hulk magnets!

Hulk Pal Sized Puzzle (2003)

Hulk Floor Puzzle 

So, while I was working the other day, I happened to find a Hulk floor puzzle at a library.  They called it a “Pal Sized Puzzle” – I guess a lot of people have 3 foot friends – because that’s how big this puzzle is.  Personally, midgets and dwarfs kind of scare me…

 I liked this puzzle so much though I asked the librarian about purchasing it.  She said it was not for sale – it was part of their “puzzle swap” program – so I had to go and buy another puzzle, then go back to the library and swap the new one for this one. 

Yes, I do know I have problems.