Daily Archives: March 24, 2008

The New Grail…

Over the years I have found different Hulk items that I really like.  Really want.  I have known about this paticular Hulk item for many years, but I have a few other things on my want list before I start saving for this:  THE 1970’S GOTTLIEB INCREDIBLE HULK PINBALL MACHINE But even though I am not ready to buy this (I did, after all, just move into a house and already spend a big amount of “moo-lah” on Incredible Hulk #1) doesn’t mean that anyone else that wants this should let it get away!  Click on the image for the auction.  This is such a great piece of Hulk lore – I hope they still have some available when I am ready to get one!

Best Cover Ever – Part 2!

This cover not only stands the test of time – and doesn’t look out of date – but this cover has popped up so many times after its first release!  Marvel Zombies recently did a version with Hulk with his mouth full of eyeballs.  Wizard showed you a different version by an artist – but McFarlane’s still, to me, is the best there is!