Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

G4 Rules – And Munn is Fun!


Attack of the Show – a regular TIVO of mine – tackled the question of who the Red Hulk is tonight.  They had no real new insight (Kevin thinks it’s Doc Samson – as does everyone else) but I though this would be a great oppurtunity to tell you just how hot Olivia Munn is.  Here are some pics of her – and the only non-Hulk related pics to appear on this site!  It may never happen again, so enjoy it now!

Whaa? Noooo!

So,I found this other Hulk site that some of you might like to check out.  It’s a forum type set up where you will find some of the best Hulk trivia ever… INCLUDING… the fact that someone has found a picture the Abomination repaint from ’96.  As you might remember – the regular version has a black cape and underwear (well, what would you call them?!) and a purple gun.  Now for the record I have never seen ANY repaints – nor do any Hulk “experts” that I talk to know of any repaints existing.  Some say this is a custom – which I seem to agree with – but why just customize the cape and gun?  Whatever.  Check out the site.  It’s pretty cool.  The figure doesn’t look bad in any way – it’s just suspect!