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Water Rescue Hulk (2006)


Because I have friends in high places (stock boy at Toys ‘R’ Us) and because people are dirt-bags – I have this little guy that was ripped off a Water Rescue Spiderman and Friends Helicopter.  The weird part is… it only has 3 points of articulation!  That’s right!  The legs are fused together and don’t move independently of each other!  But this kid friendly Hulk needs to do a little work on his biceps before I take anything he does seriously.  Really, who are you?  Popeye?

Look!  Hulk doing crunches!

crunches hulk

Incredible Hulk #161 (1973)

Hulk #161 Beast

Of all the X-Men – I never thought of the Beast as any kind of match for the Hulk.  This issue is the lead into the introduction to Wendigo.  Hulk is in the Canadian wilderness where canadian hunters are searching for prey and find the Hulk – I think they say things like – “The Hulk?  What’s that all a-boot?” – Anyways, Hulk makes quick work of them but Hank McCoy hears a-boot the Hulk being in the area and tries his luck in defeating him.  Entertaining issue to say the least – and now only 4 issues to go!

Hulk #3

I guess no one fell for the April Fool’s post – crap.  Guess I have to be a little more creative next year!  Well, here’s a pic for Hulk #3 due out April 23rd.  What happened to monthly comics?  What happened to March?  GET ON THE BALL JOEY Q!  You are supposed to make sure these books are coming out on time!  Well, should be a pretty entertaining issue.  And more clues to the fact that Doc Samson is the Red Hulk… I mean… who the Red Hulk is?