Water Rescue Hulk (2006)


Because I have friends in high places (stock boy at Toys ‘R’ Us) and because people are dirt-bags – I have this little guy that was ripped off a Water Rescue Spiderman and Friends Helicopter.  The weird part is… it only has 3 points of articulation!  That’s right!  The legs are fused together and don’t move independently of each other!  But this kid friendly Hulk needs to do a little work on his biceps before I take anything he does seriously.  Really, who are you?  Popeye?

Look!  Hulk doing crunches!

crunches hulk

One response to “Water Rescue Hulk (2006)

  1. Why are his feet so friggin big? Is it to enhance his paddling when he’s performing water rescues?

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