Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

Hulk vs. Hercules 1-shot


This is coming out April 23rd.  I don’t know what’s so shocking – or what’s so new here.  Hulk has beaten Hercules so many times Hulk should start charging him.  What’s that Herc?  You want to fight again?  Alright… 5 bucks then.  Man, why hasn’t Marvel contacted me about writing for them yet?  It’s a mystery…


Incredible Hulk #113 (1969)


So, here’s the story, I bought #113 off ebay from a pretty reputable seller.  But the comic never came.  I emailed – but every one was with no response.  I had to even file a claim with Paypal.  It was really disheartening.  As I was trying to collect every comic this little hurdle was quite surprising and unexpected. 

I had a few friends helping me track issues down.  My friend Corry was able to find quite a few issues for me.  My other friend Bill got a couple as well – but it was Bill who called practically every comic shop in Connecticut – he called 27 comic shops all with disappointing results.  Most of the other comic shops laughed at the idea of having back issues that old.  Some mistook Bill’s request for #113 from 1969 as the recent Incredible Hulk – which is actually Incredible Hercules – when Bill asked the price and they informed him $2.99 Bill replied “Yeah, I don’t think we’re talking about the same book here.”

It was the 28th comic shop called Monkeyhead Comics on 273 Greenwood Ave. in Bethel, CT that had the right comic.  The owner was very accommodating and willing to ship the comic out so that I didn’t have to make the 4+ hour trip.  The copy was very well graded and was shipped a lot faster than the man said it would be.  He promised to ship it out on Monday – instead I received it on Monday. 

All around a great transaction and a great comic.  While I have bought every issue – I still do not have every comic in my hand yet – so I’m still waiting for 3 comics to arrive.  I will post it when I do.  But anyone looking for Silver age to present comics – statues – trade paperbacks – anything!  Just look up Monkeyhead comics in Bethel, CT and you can call at (203) 743-4123

TV Time ’79 (1979)


As I was strolling the antique store this weekend you can imagine my shock when I saw this book featuring the TV line up for 1979!  And look who’s gracing the cover!  Inside the author chats up Lou Ferigno and Lou tells him all about being a young little weakling to growing up and being big enough to be cast as the Incredible Hulk.  The best part of this book may be where they interview Kristy McNichols – or whatever her name is – this book is like a VH1 special without the interesting parts.

And yes, that is my kitty’s paws who didn’t want to let me take pictures without him this night.