Daily Archives: April 4, 2008

Abomination Bust (2005)



My friend Corry thinks this bust looks like a fish-man.  I can see that.  I think, while still a great sculpt, the face is too thin.  Abomination should be bigger and more devestating looking!  Real messed up.  This is #574 out of 2000.



The Abomination has had it the toughest in comics as far as major villans go…  First, he is just as big – and stronger than the Hulk – but still could never beat him.  To make matters worse – in one paticular fight Hulk threw toxic waste on him and made him uglier.  His wife left him – not wanting to be with a monster.  The only real evil thing the Abomination did was kill Betty Banner.  Hulk beat the living heck out of him for that – and then put him into a room and tortured him by replaying a video of him and his wife.


Bowen is a master at sculpting beautiful pieces.  Even though this sculpt may not be the most perfect representation – it still is the best out there.  Bowen is planning on releasing a Full Statue this year.  I have seen some sneak peeks and it looks amazing.  Can’t wait to add it to the collection.