Abomination Bust (2005)



My friend Corry thinks this bust looks like a fish-man.  I can see that.  I think, while still a great sculpt, the face is too thin.  Abomination should be bigger and more devestating looking!  Real messed up.  This is #574 out of 2000.



The Abomination has had it the toughest in comics as far as major villans go…  First, he is just as big – and stronger than the Hulk – but still could never beat him.  To make matters worse – in one paticular fight Hulk threw toxic waste on him and made him uglier.  His wife left him – not wanting to be with a monster.  The only real evil thing the Abomination did was kill Betty Banner.  Hulk beat the living heck out of him for that – and then put him into a room and tortured him by replaying a video of him and his wife.


Bowen is a master at sculpting beautiful pieces.  Even though this sculpt may not be the most perfect representation – it still is the best out there.  Bowen is planning on releasing a Full Statue this year.  I have seen some sneak peeks and it looks amazing.  Can’t wait to add it to the collection.


6 responses to “Abomination Bust (2005)

  1. It looks kind of like The Creature (as in from the Black Lagoon). Only grey…with vampire teeth…and jacked…and therefore way more scary.

  2. Yeah… Corry said the same thing. I think it’s one of my least favorite busts.

    I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares 🙂

  3. Its does look like a fish-man!Doesn’t even look one single bit like the abonation!

  4. Well, I wouldn’t go that far…

  5. First of all great site ratchet, and as for the Abomination sculpt I think this is a representation of Sal Buscema’s drawings done in The Incredible Hulk issues #194,195 back in 1975. Randy did a great take on this menacing creature. Bravo Mr. Bowen!

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