Incredible Hulk #162 (1973)

Incredible Hulk #162 - Wendigo\'s crotch is awful shadowy.

WordPress is really messing with me right now… they have totally changed the way to make a post – it was harder than it was before – and this is coming from someone who knows nothing about computers!

Anyways, Incredible Hulk #162 is the first appearence of Wendigo.  This sets up the later appearence introducing Wolverine pretty nicely.  You find out all about how the Wedigo curse is laid upon anyone who gets lost in the woods and eats their friends.  It’s true.  Which if that was true for real life – the movie Alive would’ve been totally different.  Better even.  Hulk actually tries to help Wendigo in this issue (by the way, it shows him talking pretty eloquently on the cover, well, he doesn’t actually say anything but his own name in the comic)  Still, a pretty sad story that Hulk ends up realizing that, even with all of his strength, he can’t always help people, even though he may want to.  This also sets up the identity of the person Wendigo is and makes #180 & #181 even more devastating. 

I love Trimpe’s artwork, but the Wendigo does look pretty bad with that tail – and the shadowy crotch area is distracting…

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