Incredible Hulk #159 (1971)


I’m really gald they decided to put the Abomination in the new movie.  Each and every issue with the Abomination is entertaining.  Yes, I’m still waiting for 2 issues.  I’ve been waiting for them for a while and keep emailing the sellers who say that the comics are still coming.  I hope so – I already had to deal with a deadbeat seller on ebay – I don’t want to have to do it again.  Lucky for me this issue was obtained by my friend Bill who mailed it to me along with #122 vs. the Fantastic Four.  I will have to post that cover later.

There is another cover with the words The Incredible Hulk At Bay at the top.  I believe it is #171 and it also features the Abomination.  I am still catching up on old back issue reading – so I’m not sure what went on in this comic.  I’ll review it maybe sometime in the future…

One response to “Incredible Hulk #159 (1971)

  1. Hello,
    I really enjoy you blog. I have seen your comic boxes and i wanted to let you know about some boxes i got for my hulk collection 2 years ago. I bought them form and they are really great. They pull out like file cabinets so you can get to your books without having to move boxes. I bought a Essential Home Bridgeport Armoire from k-mart and stored the boxes in there. It is really a nice set up. I thought i would share the collection boxes with you cause you seem to take real pride in your collection. If you would like to see a picture of my hulk collection in the boxes just let me know .

    Thank you

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