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New Canadian Hulk DVD!

canadian dvd

Those wonderful canucks have released some of the great 1982 animated Hulk on DVD!  T o be released on June 10th – and you can pre-order it now through Amazon.ca – this DVD will work in any DVD player in North America.  How boss is this?  Boss?  Yes!  Boss!  From the cover alone it looks awesome!  Man, the language in here is like an 80’s convention.  Click on the image for a more detailed explanation of what’s going on.  Already ordered mine – will post it with a review when it arrives!

Original Wolverine Action Statue (2008)


I know what you’re thinking… “What the!?  Did I log onto the right blog?  Can it be?  What is WOLVERINE doing on my favorite Big Green’s site?”  Well, first, let me just say, thanks for calling this site your favorite!



Now, as far as Wolvie is concerned… look close.  That’s Wolverine’s original costume.  From a little comic called Incredible Hulk #181!  Remember?  Look how awesome this sculpt is – and even better – look how amazing it looks set up with the new Bowen Hulk!  I can’t stop typing exclamation points!  It’s that exciting! 

wolverine vs hulk 3

wolverine vs hulk 5

wolverine vs hulk

I knew I was going to purchase this the moment I saw it – and I knew exactly how I was going to display it.  It only took me 4 or 5 months of waiting for this little guy to come out.

wolvie in styro

Bowen is amazing and I can’t wait for the new Hulk museum pose to come out.  Wolverine is # 239 out of 1250

hulk face claws