Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

Regener8’rs 2 (2008)


Just got this at Wal-Mart at, like, 11:00pm.  I have no idea what I was there for at that time – oh wait – I was there looking for Hulk toys.  The original had a huge Hulk face on the front – this just has a picture of the Hulk.  Still cool though.  And even better, it still turns into 8 different trucks.  If you have a really stupid kid you could give him this toy 8 Christmas’ in a row and he’ll never know!  Just make it into a different truck each time.  When he says “Where’s the other Hulk truck?” just say “Hey cool! Did you see this?” and then point at the wall or something.  He’ll look away and you can then transform in back.  When he asks about his new truck – repeat.  See?  I’m frickin’ brilliant!  Also, I’m available for babysitting!