Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

New Hulk Movie Poster

new hulk movie poster

Is it me or does Ed Norton look a little Bill Bixby-esque on the poster?  Rumors are abound with Norton putting up a stink about the final cut of the film and threatening to not do publicity.  I hope that’s not true.  I hope it’s all been blown way out of proportion.  I hope everyone received puppies for all the great work they’ve done on the film.  Even the CGI Hulk.  Puppies and Lollipops.

Incredible Hulk #148 (1972)

148 hulk comic

Yes, I am still waiting for 1 issue to complete the entire run.  1 ISSUE!  I’m hoping it’s here soon.  Like this week.  The last time I was waiting for an issue – it never came.  I may have to re-buy the last issue I need.  If I don’t get it I’m calling Monkeyhead comics again.

But on to the issues I do have!  #148 came last week and the story stars Jarella – Hulk’s tiny love of his life.  I always liked the idea Jarella – but admittedly – I have to read more about her.  Enjoy the cover for now!