Marvel Milestones Incredible Hulk Statue (2003)


I really did wait too long to get this great statue that came out from Art Asylum in 2003.  Not that it’s anymore expensive than it was then… not like Sideshow pieces that have spiked to outrageous amounts.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – Sideshow pieces are beautiful – just not worth selling my kidney for.  Well, maybe my kidney.  How much can you get for a kidney?


I think the entire diorama is done really well here.  It looks really good.  Some people aren’t a fan of the Hulk looking as he did in the 90’s with that specific haircut.  But this is a great looking statue.


Here is the robot hand in the back of the statue that Hulk has seemed to smash off.  For the life of me I can’t recall a specific storyline that this happened – in the 90’s anyways – but it adds a mystique to the statue.  Nice. 



Look at the pavement!  It looks like actual ripped up pavement!  Any shortcoming that this statue may have it certainly makes up for it in character with the diorama part.


A++ Statue all the way.  This is # 814 out of 2500.


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17 thoughts on “Marvel Milestones Incredible Hulk Statue (2003)

  1. This may be the coolest statue you’ve posted. It’s a toss up between this one and the reproduction of issue #1. This was worth every penny you shelled out for it.

  2. Every statue I get seems to get better. I still think Bowen’s are the most impressive – but this is just amazing to see in person.

    Corry told me a pretty funny story about this statue – how he learned not to be so nice to the customers through this statue. Maybe he’ll post it on here so that everyone can enjoy it! (hint, hint)

  3. hi,
    im watching this same statue on ebay what price is reasonable for this you think?
    can you maybe show me a picture with the hulk reading a book bust next to this statue because is have that one as well en want to compare the size a little bit.

    greetings Ronald

  4. I have this statue, bought new in the box, but there are cracks in his back, looks like he split while the material was drying or something. Otherwise, it’s awesome

  5. I think this is one of the best hulk statues all around!!! I really love it…I bought this HULK many time ago but it’s arrived broken on the neck…it’s really hard to find..but you know….this hobby requires patience… 😉

  6. Just got this piece the other week and I have to say that I think it’s one of my favs. I am not crazy about the 90’s Prof. Hulk look in the face but the body sculpt and base more then make up for it. Great statue!!

  7. I have this statue In great condition still on box with certificate . Looking to sell! Can u direct me on where I can do this? My sin received as gift couple years ago and has been in storage since! We just aren’t collectors. Thks

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