Daily Archives: April 21, 2008

This isn’t even funny…

ugh no

Goodness – this thing is a monstrocity!  I can’t even fathom picking this up to add to the collection!  Boo!  Click on the image if you want to order one – also hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer if you want one of these.  Both makes perfect sense! 

Hulk Bookmark 2 (1986)


I won this lot off ebay just the other day.  I love bookmarks… especially from yesteryear.  As much as I like the Hulk bookmark I really like the Spiderman one with the double meaning where it says “I’ll save you page!”  I think that is brilliant.  Now all I need is something good to read… Hey!  Look at that!  I found something!

Hulk Bookmarks