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World War Hulk Bust 2 (2008)

wwh bust var

Call me a sucker.  Go ahead.  I know I am.  I ordered the first bust I posted – choosing to get that one OVER this one.  Then I saw it in my local comic shop and just had to get it.  I’m a sucker.  But I actually think this bust might be better than the other – I really can’t decide…

WWHbust variant


The base is sure better.  I like the crumbled rock look.  But the eyes on this one look a little off.  Like a slight lazy eye – but one you’re not sure that you can menton because you might be wrong – nd make yourself look stupid.  The sculpt is pretty much the same – except both arms are down here.  If you want to look at the other one I posted – go to the Staues page – but this is #766 out of 1000


Entertainment Weekly… right now

The recent Entertainmant Weekly has updates on the Hulk movie, like – for example – it confirms the Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) will make an appearence!  That’s pretty cool.  A nice article appears – as well as a Superhero stat page where it basically says the Hulk would “whup” the other superheroes with ease!  Okay, it didn’t say that exactly – but they imply it!  In my mind they do anyways…

Holy Crap!

I’m not sure I can figure out why someone would pay for this site name… Hulk.ws?  What the hell is .ws?  Hey, if you want to spend the money – go for it – but know this… I blog for free on wordpress!


The person who buys this =0

I win again!