World War Hulk Bust 2 (2008)

wwh bust var

Call me a sucker.  Go ahead.  I know I am.  I ordered the first bust I posted – choosing to get that one OVER this one.  Then I saw it in my local comic shop and just had to get it.  I’m a sucker.  But I actually think this bust might be better than the other – I really can’t decide…

WWHbust variant


The base is sure better.  I like the crumbled rock look.  But the eyes on this one look a little off.  Like a slight lazy eye – but one you’re not sure that you can menton because you might be wrong – nd make yourself look stupid.  The sculpt is pretty much the same – except both arms are down here.  If you want to look at the other one I posted – go to the Staues page – but this is #766 out of 1000


9 responses to “World War Hulk Bust 2 (2008)

  1. I can’t believe that you paid money for this……..

  2. Wait… you wanted me to steal it?

    I don’t do that anymore Corry 😛

  3. I’m gonna have to second you on that Corry. This thing is pretty stupid looking

  4. Really? Is it that bad, you think? Did you think the other one was stupid too – or just this one?

  5. I just think its a bad sculpt’s still the Green King..and thats bad ass

  6. I agree Will – the sculpt wasn’t that great – but the fact that they did a WWH bust is awesome!

  7. Hulk_Smashing!(aka Hulk-man)

    Yeah But like I said on the other bust they need to make him more muscular and a darker green

  8. Luckily this one only has a slight lazy eye.If its one like that movie figure and the thing vs hulk statue.Ratchet would probaly bash it.

  9. yeah it’s eyes are going in completely opposite directions

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