I Love This Packaging!

in package

I love these new packages!  Click on the image and follow the link to see all the new packages – my favorite, as you might be able to tell, is Wendigo.  And the Fin Fang Foom looks just incredible!

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5 thoughts on “I Love This Packaging!

  1. I Love the packaging on these too!!!!!! Top it off with FIN FANG FOOM and we actually have something good here. Way to go Hasbro…….it’s about time.

  2. I hope to find the SHS soon – been searching for what seems like forever. But the new packaging on those look good too!

  3. Cool~ But I think they all have less poseable joints. Their palms are the most obvious parts.(I care this very much…) How come I didn’t see a Red Hulk?

  4. I think the red Hulk is coming in wave 2 – and I think he is going to be the Build- a – Figure. So you’re going to have to sollect all of them and put him together!

  5. Another good move by Hasbro. I always thought that ToyBiz should have done a Hulk Build-a-figure back in the day. The Red Hulk should be a winner. From the pictures I think they are right on the ball with him.

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