Hulk #3 (2008)

So – I hate to pick things apart so quickly – but Loeb is making it so easy!  What I write from THIS moment will contain SPOILERS!  S o stop reading if you don’t want to know what’s happened in the new Hulk comic…

So, we begin with Iron Man assessing the damage done to the 8 billion dollar Helicarrier – no casualties (how lucky!) – and we learn that Ross, Samson and Clay Quartermain are missing in action.  They also replay the video from the first issue when Samson and Ross went to go see Banner.  We learn that Banner whispered sweet somethings to Ross – but no one knows what (how convenient) – then we get a quick catch-up on the next page reminding us that the Red Hulk is about to fight A-Bomb (who is Rick Jones).  Did we really need this catch up?  No – because A-Bomb is constantly reminding us that he is Rick – or at least hates Rick because he keeps A-Bomb in a “dark place”.  Ummm… okay… reminds me of the 70’s Hulk.  Even talks like him. 

Anyways, Red Hulk and A-Bomb fight.  For a bunch of pages.  Red Hulk finds out that this Abomination is pretty indestructible.  He even finds out he’s bullet proof, cause he tries to shoot him, yes, Red Hulk uses a gun again.  The fight is so destructive it starts an earthquake that shakes the Earth to the core – deep enough to start shaking Banner’s underground cell.  As Banner gets worried the gas fills his cell to calm him down.  But Banner – being really smart – HOLDS HIS BREATH!  AND BECOMES THE HULK!  AND BREAKS OUT OF HIS CELL!  Wait, that all it took?  Banner hold his breath and Banner can just break out of his cell?  No contingency plan in case the gas didn’t work?  Apparently not.  Wow Loeb, you are genius!

At this point a bunch of robot Harpies that look just like Betty Talbot (Banner or Ross, however you want to remember her – but at the moment in Hulk history when Betty was turned into the Harpy she was still married to Glenn Talbot) start attacking the Red Hulk and A-Bomb.  They carry A-Bomb off only to have him tear it apart in the air and crash down into an explosive blaze.  Red Hulk pretty much tears apart the Harpies as well – but then turns around and finds – the pay off in the end here – the Green Hulk!  Setting up next issue for an all out brawl. 

But a pretty sloppy execution of a comic I’m really trying to love!  Loeb is lazy in his writing and forgetting about his Hulk history (for example – Samson’s strength is equal to his hair length – but here Samson is still strong with a crew cut!)  I’m still waiting for it to get better – and it still hasn’t.  C+

24 responses to “Hulk #3 (2008)

  1. I think frank castle is the red hulk…..what do you think???

  2. I’m guessing it’s Doc Samson. He’s gotten juiced up with more gamma radiation which is why his hair cut doesn’t have any negative effect on his powers. It’s also why he was able to get a board the helicarrier and was recognized by the retina scanner at the Gamma base. It might also explain why he was such a hot head with the Russian heroes at the Abomination’s murder scene.

    I know one thing for certain, I’m ready for this story arc to be over already. As much as I like the art, this “story” is hardly worthy as a kick off to a new Hulk series.

    BTW this isn’t the first time that Rick Jones has gotten zapped with gamma radiation. He changed into a long-haired, poor man’s Hulk creature before, why is he now changing into a poor man’s Abomination? Its kinda odd that he’d transform into something so completely different then before.

  3. Frank Castle? Ummm… no.

    I agree with you droracle. I am ready to move on to the next story – and have the Red Hulk to be over with. I’m guessing Doc Samson is the Hulk but would love to see how Loeb is to explain how all of these people who have been exposed to Gamma radiation are affected so differently now.

    Muy guess is that Loeb is just going to anger more fans… please let me be wrong…

  4. Everyone is saying Doc Samson is the Red Hulk which is why there is no way it could be true, or at least it’s not the whole story. Jeph Loeb always writes the same style story. His antagonist is a big mystery and he’ll drop clues all along but there is always some surprise at the end. Like Harvey’s wife in the Long Halloween or Bruce’s childhood buddy being Hush. So since everyone can see Samson coming from a mile away, that’s why I have to believe something else is going to happen.

  5. Yeah – you might be right. We’ll see as soon as Loeb is done stringing us along…

  6. Another person I was thinking it could be is Clay Quartermain. He’d have access to all the facilities, possibly previous low-level gamma ray exposure having dealt with the Hulk often, and a high comfort level with weapons as a S.H.E.I.L.D agent.

  7. But wasn’t Clay visible when the Hulk tore up the S.H.E.I.L.D. helicarrier in issue 2? It’s probably some minor character from issue 1, like wasn’t there some Russian spy named Igor or something? Or maybe it’s Bruce’s dead father back from the grave Jean Grey style. It’s probably him. That would suck somethin’ awful and we can all demand our money back.

  8. I’d have to look again – was Clay right there? And do you mean Igor from Incredible Hulk #1? The guy with the computer chip in his thumb nail that worked for the Gargoyle? That Igor? Good Lord – if Loeb even brings that guy back I will write him myself and tell him how dissapointed I am in him. I’ll tell him “I’m not angry – just dissapointed.” like my parents used to do when they really wanted to get to me.

  9. I double checked and Quatermain and Red Hulk do appear in the same panel. Right after the huge splash page with the Hulk jumping at Iron Man the next panel has Clay yelling “Director Stark” with Iron Man telling him to evac the area. However, you do not see General Ross, who was right next to Clay when Iron Man found them. Hmmmmmmm. Could Clay and Ross/Red Hulk be working together?

  10. hmmm i don’t know why but i’m gettin a vibe that this red hulk might be general ross maybe he wanted to even the odds maybe he’s done making up weopans that can be destroyed maybe he found out the only way to beat the hulk is another hulk
    but thats just me

  11. It’s Nadia Blonksy!

  12. Wow – that would be out of left field alright!

  13. It’s Emil Blonsky. He faked his own death and shed his outer Abomination shell/skin.

  14. these are all good ideas but none of you has yet said anything about it being that other guy in the army that hates the hulk even more than bettys dad.

    it i think is General John Ryker .
    i mean think about it he has been missing and he would have alot of reasons for being the red hulk

    i mean he used gamma stuff to make alot of guys with gamma like flux

  15. The last two comments are pretty interesting… could you imagine the Abomination shedding his skin and being the Red Hulk underneath? That would explain his hatred for the new A-Bomb.

    Ryker was such a one dimensional amalgumate that it would be interesting to see him come back and have another writer try to inject some substance into him. It is true that he experimented with all sorts of gamma radiation…

  16. Dont forget the whole skrull mess. Im not used to Loeb and a little new to comics but these are my guesses

    6.) Red Hulk is Doc Samson = Doc Samson we see is a skrull(explains short hair and strength)

    5.) General Ryker dumping all his gamma reserves in himself.

    4.) Ross(grey hair), Ross we see is a skrull(same goes for Quartermain)

    3.) Some random person who was always around Hulk and Abomination.

    2.) The Leader?

    1.) Emil Blonsky
    I feel strongest about Blonsky because:
    – Killed a skrull masquerading as the Abomination?
    -Got the gun/codes/etc. from Fury
    -Working for underground/hidden Fury incognito to fight the skrulls
    -Pulled in/hired/pardoned by Fury to battle the skrull invasion
    – Further mutated by skrulls or Fury
    -Focusing on taking out major sources of power that can be hijacked(only Fury knows about)
    -Talks like Blonsky, same mannerisms and style
    -Blonsky was a trained spy/soldier and this is reflected in his fighting style.
    -I am my own monster comment
    -disgust with Jones/quickness to kill him
    -massive skill at not killing or dispatching

    Sadly though, I HOPE not, it could be Betty, Betty’s brother, Loeb himself, Banner’s one night stand gay lover…I dont know. Any random dope Loeb picks.

  17. Its probably Blonsky… if only for the fact that the new Hulk movie is coming out and he’s a main character.

    As an example, look at Iron Man. Obadiah Stane was the villain, and just as the movie is coming out, we get a new arc in the comics involving his son (who was introduced just a month prior to the movie’s official release). Using the popularity of the movie to boost sales of the comic in this way aren’t exactly rare.

    I imagine the same thing will play out here. Why the hell kill of Blonsky in the comic, MONTHS before the movie in which he stars is released?

    Again. I say Blonsky. Maybe not THE Blonsky, but A Blonsky.

  18. I mentioned in another post that I figured they would bring back Blonsky in some way. I would not be shocked at all if if that is the case. More and more people are thinking it’s Blonsky in some way. The secret is to be revealed soon…

  19. Probably Blonsky more than anybody else. Im guessing the top 2 would be Samson or Blonsky. If it is Samson, that would definitely explain the short haired Samson(a skrull), plus maybe Samson as a red hulk is when Samson loses himself totally, doubling his already high strength. Maybe cutting his hair and losing his temper triggered it.

    On the other hand, if its Blonsky, it would explain him being RED(Go Russia!), the abomination he killed could have been another abomination, a skrull or some weird clone/robot etc. Wouldnt a Skrull have turned back to a skrull after death?

  20. Damn. What a mess this whole thing seems to be. And I seriously must stress “seems”. But let’s have a little faith with our friend that Marvel has chosen to write this story arc. I will remain positive that in the end it will all make sense. Or, at the very least, retain a “wait and see” attitude. Personally, as I have posted elsewhere on this site, and at great length, I am currently convinced the Red Hulk will be revealed as Gen. Ross. For me, little to nothing else is holding credibility. If it turns out to be otherwise I will be very surprised. In any case this is a fun and interesting run. Certainly keeping us all interested. And the art is first-class!

  21. hey guys marvel interviewed the editor in chief and he was hinting the red hulk i hercules’ brother ares..who i guess has had a run in or two with the hulk..but u never kno…guess we’ll just have to wait..but is anyone dissappointed with how dumb the green hulk sounds in this? i mean in wwh which is right before this hulk is freakin smarter and way stronger and just he gets headlocked by some hulk string off and passes out?!?!?

  22. The Rulk is none other than Betty Ross – back from the dead and gamma-ed out – imo

  23. So I did a little bit more “research” and the last two panels of WWH show banner in the pod – first its green then the last one, shows him red….?

  24. But it can’t be Banner – he’s already fought the Hulk in his Green Hulk form.

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