Super Hero Squad 2 (2008)

superheor squad hulk spiderwoman

It’s interesting that they keep doing the same figures for the Superhero Squad.  Hulk here is different from the others because of ripped shirt – as well as the head.  The head is somewhat happier – the hair extra tussled!  I question who they comtinue to pair him up with though… first the Wasp – now Spiderwoman.  Did these two appear together in a comic?  If so – maybe I forgot it – maybe on purpose…

I do like the new packaging.  I like that Hulk is front and center – but the color and the heroes on the top make it a lot more eye catching.

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2 thoughts on “Super Hero Squad 2 (2008)

  1. Is it just me or does this Hulk head look like a green Zack Morris? I like the toussled hair. If Spiderwoman could take off her mask, maybe she looks like Kelly Kapowski?

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