Daily Archives: May 1, 2008

He Hates To Sell It…

What has it been?  A whole month since we saw one of these?  Now there are 2! Right now the sale price is at $2,400 on one and $2,000 on the other – but they both still have a good amount of time left.  The top one states that Tony told him it’s worth $8,700.  If this goes for $8,700 then I will literally run down the street naked and post the pictures here.  That’s how confident I am that one of these will not sell for that much – especially on ebay.  The other has been told $7,000.  Leave a comment guessing on how much you think they will actually sell for – let’s see who gets the closest!

UPDATE: So, I woke up this morning to find that both of these auctions are now less!  The top is going for $1,000 and the other $1,800.  I think what happened is that a new ebayer with a 0 feedback bid – and for a high price item like this it’s too risky to let someone with no track record win an auction.  No one wants to be stiffed.

UPDATE 2: Well, the top auction ended at a still impressive $2,658.88.  So either you readers out there don’t want to see me naked or these things aren’t worth as much as some want you to believe…  If the prices hover around this amount – then that’s what they’re worth – not $8,700.  We’ll see what happens with the second auction.

Wolverine #144

I found this issue of Wolverine that takes place BEFORE the events in Incredible Hulk #180-#181.  I thought that was a great idea and actually was excited about reading it.  It wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be – but still pretty cool.  And who makes an appearance?  Hercules.  That’s right, Hercules.  See, the Leader tries to collect a bunch of heroes to take out the Hulk.  Wolverine isn’t having any of it though and teams up with the other heroes to take on the Leader.  It was a fun issue that showed how Wolverine came to work for the Canadian Government and it also explains that it was Wolverine who was informed that the Hulk was in Canada in the first place, by the Leader.  The last panel is the same as the last panel in Incredible Hulk #180.  It’s not a must have but it’s worth picking up if you come across it.  B-

Hulk vs. Hercules (2008)

I finally got to read this.  I was all ready for a great fight issue – but this certainly wasn’t it.  It was a let down really.  The fight between Hulk and Herc lasted for a few panels – and the best part is when Hulk flexes his muscles and knocks Hercules off of him.  But then they join forces to beat some mythical monsters but it is Hulk who is shocked when he sees Hercules killing the monsters with such savagery. 

I think this issue is more to try to promote the ever drowning Hercules series – but, for me, it really didn’t work.  I would say this was a useless 1-shot – unlike the Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom 1-shot which was just awesome from page 1 to the last.  D+