Hulk vs. Hercules (2008)

I finally got to read this.  I was all ready for a great fight issue – but this certainly wasn’t it.  It was a let down really.  The fight between Hulk and Herc lasted for a few panels – and the best part is when Hulk flexes his muscles and knocks Hercules off of him.  But then they join forces to beat some mythical monsters but it is Hulk who is shocked when he sees Hercules killing the monsters with such savagery. 

I think this issue is more to try to promote the ever drowning Hercules series – but, for me, it really didn’t work.  I would say this was a useless 1-shot – unlike the Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom 1-shot which was just awesome from page 1 to the last.  D+

2 responses to “Hulk vs. Hercules (2008)

  1. Thanks for the tip. I can skip this one. Because of the Hulk movie, I’m more interested on how the Hulk matches up against other superheroes.

  2. Thanks for checking outmy page!

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