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hulk items 1

I will of course post these separately later – but I just thought I’d show you what a great day I had.  I almost fainted going into Toys R Us.  Wal*Mart and Target unfortunately have people working there with no clue on how to treat their customers… Thank goodness for Geoffrey!

hulk items 3

hulk items 2

Hulk Money Clip (1979)

hulk money clip

A strange little item found on ebay.  It doesn’t have a date on it – but it is the same Hulk used for the pin I have so I’m guessing on the date here.  This, oddly, is the third money clip I own – the first being one that my wife bought me when we first met.  The second is a gift from my friend for being the best man at his wedding.  Now this one.  This, of course, is the prettiest one I own – but I won’t use it because the others mean a little more to me.  They’re just not as cool!

Wolverine #7

Why not post this right after I posted the other Wolverine comic?  This is Wolverine #7 and right after the Hulk was caught in the Gamma Bomb explosion at the end of Ground Zero everyone believed the Hulk to be dead.  Hulk was not dead.  He was Joe Fixit.  There’s a few problems with this issue where Fixit is summoned to take care of a job for Mr. B’s friend where Wolverine just happens to be.  Wolverine can distinguish the Hulk’s smell – but the strange thing here is that Wolverine remarks that he thought Hulk was dead but can tell it’s him even though he’s a different color – but Wolverine would’ve known of his color change from #340.  Contunity must be a horrible burden when faced with an entire universe within hundred’s of comics.  Some writers are better than others at it – but here they slip up just a bit.