hulk items 1

I will of course post these separately later – but I just thought I’d show you what a great day I had.  I almost fainted going into Toys R Us.  Wal*Mart and Target unfortunately have people working there with no clue on how to treat their customers… Thank goodness for Geoffrey!

hulk items 3

hulk items 2

5 responses to “NEW HULK TOYS!!!!!!!

  1. Hey,
    When I come up on Monday, you think that we can play with that football?

  2. Sure – just know I throw like a girl.

    I bet you thought I was going to say no – didn’t you?

  3. Movie Hulk figures are already available? Won’t they be available ’round the time when the movie released?

  4. usually the toys are released about a month brfore the movie comes out.

  5. a you are right a month or bettersome times they bring them out a week before the movie comes out

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