Hulkey Pokey Hulk (2008)

hulkey pokey

You might think that this is just plain insulting to the Hulk legacy – but me?  I think it’s just plain awesome!  You press one of Hulk’s toenails and he says something – and the tune is a little different as well – he says “Put your left hand in, Put your left hand out, Put your left hand in and smash it all about”  It is pretty adorable.  I have to admit that this might be the newest inventive toy of the new Hulk toy releases.

full image of hulkey pokey

6 responses to “Hulkey Pokey Hulk (2008)

  1. Hello, my name is Ken Tynan,and I recently Carved from a giant White pine an 8 ft. 1000lb. Hulk and was wondering if there is any kind of market for a piece this size. Any advice or info that you could share would be greatly apreciated.
    You can see a video of it on youtube by puting my name.
    Thank you Ken.

  2. Holy moley Ken – that thing is just plain awesome! As far a market for it – I know of a few Hulk Collectors that really like custom items – I am not into custom made items (but still love that Hulk you made there!) but you could try the Hulk message board and see if you could drum up business there. I’ll also pass your info on to the people I know…

    Great Job!

  3. Worst toy ever!!! I do like the operation Hulk though.

  4. Hulky Pokey Hulk? the Armageddon is upon us.

  5. “Press my big toes”? Seriously? Ry, come on…

  6. You guys act like I designed the toy!

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