What better to cover my bald noggin?

This is a cool hat that a friend of the site just let me know about.  Sir Jorge, thanks for sharing this info – follow the image to the link – available on MAY 9th.

I’m still waiting to hear about any of the major collectible companies like Sideshow or Bowen Designs to see if there are any Hulk movie merchandise on the way from them.  I will try to keep everyone as up-to-date as I can.

As for some sad news – I went to see Iron Man today.  While the movie was great (make sure you stay till after the credits) and fulfilled every expectation there was no Hulk trailer before my movie!  I was really mad!  I was told that it would be there!  Maybe they weren’t showing it before Iron Man in the theater I went to but I have to tell you, I almost left in protest.  But I am glad I stayed. 🙂

4 responses to “What better to cover my bald noggin?

  1. Unfortunatley when I saw Iron Man, I saw the Hulk trailer. Honestly, all kidding aside, it did nothing for me. Iron Man, on the other hand, was the perfect comic book movie. Absolutley perfect……
    The new Batman trailer, which was also before IM, looks incredible.

  2. The Iron man movie “perfect”? I am the only sane person in the world…the movie was ok at best.

    As for the Dark Knight…it sure is going to be tough to beat that one.

    Glad you liked the link, I figured it was perfect for this site.

  3. It was perfect for it’s portayal of Iron Man. They nailed the character. It couldn’t have been better…

  4. Have to agree with Corry here – Iron Man was amazingly great – and Downey Jr. was perfectly cast. I thought it could’ve used a little more action – but honestly, it was an origin film – they have to take care of that then the sequels can be filled with a ton more action. Loved it.

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