Movie Abomination (2008)

I can’t really tell you that this is a must have.  The Abomination just looks SO different.  The figure does look like it would be a great Hulk foe!  If they didn’t call it the Abomination and called it something else that would’ve been better.  But to call THIS the Abomination is a little tooContinue reading “Movie Abomination (2008)”

Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier (2008)

What an amazing book this is!  Not onl does it follow the late, great Jack Kirby’s life and the early days of Marvel but it also gives you a TON of amazing pictures and older sketches from the master himself.  The book also calls into question exactly how much writing Stan Lee did – andContinue reading “Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier (2008)”